Meditext offers linguistic advice as well as proof reading, revision, terminology, translation and rewriting services in both official languages in Canada. Its expertise covers general, specialized, and technical fields as well as certain medical disciplines.

Since 1993, the firm has been rendering quality services to Canadian companies, associations, the pharmaceutical industry and paragovernmental organizations. All of our contributors are professional translators with a degree accredited by l’Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ), working into their mother tongue. They all have a solid training in translation and over 25 years experience.


The Office’s Strengths

  • Lucie Martineau’s, Pauline Prince’s and contributors’ background
  • In-depth knowledge of various medical specialized fields
  • Vast experience in medical-pharmaceutical translation
  • Proven skills for documentation and terminology research
  • A close working relationship with two experienced revisors and two licensed pharmacists
  • In-depth knowledge and use of major reference documents cited in the medical sciences selective bibliography listed in Meta, vol. 31(1), 1986.
  • One of the revisor’s relevant experience: Member of the Comité technique de terminologie française du soudage (technical committee of French welding terminology) CSA W375.  Member of the Comité canadien de la terminologie nucléaire (Canadian nuclear terminology committee).
  • Knowledge of the most commonly used word processing programs and terminology banks
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