Ayant tous une longue feuille de route, les collaborateurs du cabinet Meditext sont en mesure d’exécuter des mandats de traduction générale et spécialisée dans les deux langues officielles.  Voici cependant les domaines dans lesquels ils ont le plus travaillé jusqu’à ce jour :

Speciality areas Environment Nuclear energy
Industry and Technology Occupational health
Medicine   and hygiene
Metallurgy and mineralogy Pharmacology
Subspecialties Cosmetology and perfumery Plastic materials
Mining Transportation and
Metal processing   materials handling
Nuclear energy Welding
Medical specialties Cardiology Infectious diseases
Dermatology Plastic surgery,
Endocrinology   breast surgery
Epidemiology Urology
Specific knowledge about certain conditions and disorders Bone and joint diseases Metabolic disorders
Breast cancer, Nutritional diseases
  prostate cancer Skin conditions
Diabetes Vascular diseases
High blood pressure Metabolic disorders
Infectious and    
  parasitic diseases    
  (meningitis, STDs, AIDS)    
Typical documents translated Awareness documents Monographs
Background papers   Operating instructions
Catalogues Operative procedures
Clinics studies and trials Product descriptions
Comprehensive reports Quality control programs
Data sheets Research-project
Directions for use   summaries
Health and safety Summary reports
  data sheets   and summaries
Forms, questionnaires Scientific articles
  and surveys Training manuals
Informed consents User manuals
Medical assessment reports Virtual training
Medical diagnostic reports   documents
    Web site articles

Linguistic advice
Linguistic revision
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